Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Dreaded English 111

Fun Times in Section 53

As my English class is coming to a close I was wondering if it felt like, because my English instructor before this was very adamant on telling us how hard English 111 was going to be. Although is some cases I thought it was difficult at time I never really dislike or hated either the class or the instructor. To give you some history in not very astute when it comes to reading and writing anything halfway decent ever all throughout high school was always just barely passing every year. Those times were so traumatic I never really had the urge to pick up a book or write anything because I was afraid that they would just bust their pen over my paper to blot out my nonsense. Going to TCC, Tidewater Community College, was probably the best things I could have done because if I wouldn’t have been in this class I might have failed.

This class was a real confidence builder and humbling for me. In high school I never really applied myself as much as I should have and this resulted in alright grades and a wait list at VMI, otherwise known as the college of my dreams. This class was something different and first impressions were quite interesting. My instructor whom had a bushy beard was deceiving due to the fact that many people with beards are either really snobby like having a beard comb and brushing it all the time or really crazy like new teaching styles with guitars. It had rather confused me but I knew I was in good company after we introduced ourselves by finding out that there were many military guys in there and the instructor was actually quite humorous at times.

My instructor was very interesting like I said before he a awesome beard and was actually humorous. I was wondering if he was like this all the time or just to have a false sense of security then be let down whenever he starts yelling. He had a very unique teaching style, one big reason was because he didn’t use the text book that we “had to have” for the course. Through music and reading sample essays from well published authors and some not so well published prior students we would pull information out to apply or not apply to our papers. We also listen to many songs that portrayed many different types of actual writing styles and techniques. As much as would want to complain I don’t have much against him other than being a push over he is a really great guy.

Having said that due to his ability of pushing him over everyone would gang up on him to change dates and other things resulting in extra stress for me and I’m sure for others. There were many times he push back dates for just one person in the class. That’s nice everything but now you have everything due at the course putting undue pressure on people with more than 12 or 15 credits. Not only is it stress full on some of us but it’s extremely stressful to the instructor because I’m sure they have a deadline that they have to get these grades in by and compacting them right at the end of the course is just not good. Even in the last days of this class which seem horrible due to the stress the class over all was a great experience.

Through I felt close to failing good first impressions, great instructor, and a little bit of stress got me through the course happy that I chose this section. My instructor’s funny humor pushed me through the night class without putting me to sleep. His curriculum helped me learn the very same stuff as the other instructors but had a very interesting flare also keeping it interesting. Yes, even the stress pushed me through as hard as it is it is character building and well worth the final push. Some might say is was horrible but they didn’t see that the instructor went way out of his was for them, but I appreciate everything he did for me and I hope to see him again even as my instructor.

Revised diagnostic essay


As a kid I have read comics occasionally but have never really thought about what kind of super if one I would choose. Cyclops ability of laser vision would be fun to zap things like a gun with unlimited ammo. Being able to manipulate metal by magnetic fields would be cool just like Magneto. Even to control weather would be pretty cool like Storm because I could become the most popular weather man ever because I would always be 100% right. All of those sounded cool but Wolverine’s ability of rapid regeneration would be most suited for my personality through my passion for extreme sports, drive to serve in the Marine Corp., and my drive to want to help out around the neighborhood.
Having rapid regeneration would give me the ability to try many different things without the consequences of injuring myself. I would be able to push the limits on my body my weight lifting which is my biggest hobby. New tricks could be invented on any types of bikes or boards. My passion of cars would be able to be fulfilled by driving as fast as I wanted, on a track or in open spaces, without the fear of crashing. Sports are probably one of the most important things in life to me but serving in the military is the most important thing to me.
Serving in the military is something I would do no matter what powers or not, it doesn’t matter, but what does matter is the branch I would be going into and that would be the Marine Corp. I view the Marine Corp. as the modern Spartans of ancient Greece some tactics have changed a little but like back then the person beside you has your back. Rapid regeneration would be perfect for frontline activity and recon missions to limit unit casualties and many other advantages. I would be able to penetrate into enemy territory with minimal risk and danger to both me and to my unit. With the ability of being safe through even the toughest firefights I would do anything and everything at home to save lives.
Firefighters and police officers put their lives on the line every day. I think being a part of one of these organizations is honorable and they deserve more for what they do. This is why having this ability would be great for someone like me because I would love to help save someone from a fire without risking firefighters life. I could also us my ability and the skills that I would pick up from the Marine Corp. to help out with drug busts, robberies, hostage situations, and etc… Helping others is just in my nature and it’s just another reason that rapid regeneration fits me best.
Don’t get me wrong controlling storms and bending metal is cool but if I had only one power it would have to be rapid regeneration because it more perfectly fits what my passions in life. Like any idiot I would use extreme sports to enjoy myself so I wouldn’t go insane and become a villain. It would be perfect for my dream job as a Marine by being an unstoppable force much like they already are but I would emulate that. Having been a boy scout I have always loved helping out around the community and anything I could do for the firefighters and police officers I would. Looking back on my paper I realized I’m not much different than the comic hero Wolverine.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Little About Me With A Twist Of Rhetroical Analysis

Through obstacles and hardships, family and friends have shaped my life into what I have become but how; Rhetorical appeals like pathos, logos, and ethos are what molded me into who I am but may have not affected all of my decisions. Pathos- is the appeal that affects your emotions to influence you. Logos- is the appeal that affects your logic or makes you think. Ethos- is the appeal of credibility. My family has affected me using ethos mainly through their life experiences and stories.
I have doubted my parent’s credibility on some things but I have mostly applied a lot of what I have learned from them to my own life. As a Christian family I have many morals and values that I believe are right and it has affected many of my life choices which have protected me from many harmful situations. I look up to my father a lot because of his personal achievements like enlisting in the Navy and retiring as a lieutenant commander after only about 25 years. Even though my Dad was who I mainly looked up to, my mom has been there whenever my dad couldn’t and brought my brother and I up, which I’m sure wasn’t easy. Because of the statement,” We are not mad at you, we are just disappointed in you,” I aim to always please everyone but myself. My parents’ ethos has guided me through most of my life and it still affects daily choices like working out to life time choices like a college education and a military lifestyle. The further I have grown away from my parents I have been more affected through logic or by logos.
Something that has had me really thinking lately was introduced while listening to a radio talk show. The question was,” Is everyone just going to go about their lives not questioning anything…anyone says.” I thought that it’s completely true that many people go through life not questioning anything. I found that I was one of those people and have been looking to question things that I’m personally confused about. It has given me a mind of my own rather than a mindless brain washed “zombie.” It has changed my personality to be more exploratory than lethargic and boring. As logos has affected me recently through the radio, I was really affected by pathos earlier in my life.
Emotional I was hit pretty hard in high school. About four years ago as a freshman I was a cocky arrogant varsity soccer player. A pretty cute Philippine girl caught my eye and you couldn’t find me anywhere but by her side. I was head over heels in “love” or so I thought; for about two years we were constantly fighting but I kept convincing myself she was the one even though my parents, whom I really trusted, begged me to leave her. She made it always seem like it was my fault because she was always freaking out over nothing like she was bipolar or something. By the time it was over I had become depressed with extremely low self esteem, and it was so bad it had affected my confidence on the soccer field thus benching me for the rest of my high school career. I’ve also very well masked my emotions to people I don’t know and to many of my close friends and family. Two years later I’ve been able to open up more to my family and friends by smiling and crying. Even though I’ve been influenced by many things I believe I’ve made many choices on my own.
As easily as I’ve been influenced I’ve come up with a couple things that have had some influence but I’ve made the overall choice. Another one of my big changes actually was of my own choice which was to actually listen to my parent and become more obedient. This choice was not just a mental change but also a physical on through the symbolism of cutting my hair from a long surfer cut to a buzzed tight cut. Actually getting a college education before I join the military was my idea because I believe I would be like my father and get in and never regain the drive to get my education. Choosing a military life was a big influence on my life because many of my ancestry have been in the military but I’ve made the decision to be in the Marine Corp not life my father and grandfathers on both sides whom were in the Navy. Even when I was still under the complete guidance of my parents and our Christian based family I made my own choice to continue my faith by getting baptized in Florida. Other than these few things most of my life has been almost dictated to me through many these types of influences.
In obstacles, hardships, family, and friends the rhetorical appeals show up all throughout my life. In adolescence I was mainly affected by my parents’ ethos. Even listening to the radio has had me seriously thinking about my own life thus being logos. From the emotional and passionate relationship which scared me affected my personality making is appeal pathos. The real questions are how many decisions a day do we actually make on our own and does this make everyone the same?

First diagnostic essay


After reading many comics the power I would most enjoy would be rapid regeneration to enjoy for myself, to help on a global scale, and around the neighborhood. A good representation to what I would be like is Wolverine, out of the famous comic X-Men, just without the claws. Like a pageant girl I do wish for world peace but since that isn’t happening soon I would join the Marine Corp. to help create a greater good for everyone. In my hometown I would do anything and everything to protect and save live if anything should occur around me, like a fire or robbery. I would try to do all of this without much attention on me so I wouldn’t be pestered.

A way I would enjoy my ability is being able to do many dangerous things most normal people would be afraid of. My main hobby would have to be surfing because of the exhilaration of riding on glassy waves with salty mist hitting you in the face, and if I were to get injured from surfing I would heal before I would even reach the surface of the water or the edge of the beach. Base jumping would be rather interesting, but if the parachute should fail and should happen to mangle my body instead of my head and regenerate I would say it was a miracle to put the attention on god rather than me. I would probably do many different types of sports so I never got burnt out on one thing.

A way that the USA could benefit from this ability is if I joined the Marines Corp. Being put into a Special Operations Unit would probably serve the best to utilize my abilities. I could penetrate the enemies defenses without the repercussions of other us casualties. If I know everyone in my unit by their first, middle, and last names and knew their favorite type of music I would probably tell them my abilities so they would know what I’m capable of. I would tell many people so that the enemy could never use my abilities against my unit.

Around town I would try to be the home town hero without the publicity. Trying to stay low key I would be able to save some people from fires and other things. It would be like being a fireman or woman without the fear of death or the fear of what would happen to my family if I went. I would help kids and adults who were starving and homeless. I would just do anything I could to the best of my ability.

The consensus is that I would do anything and everything good with my powers as possible. Through being in the military and helping around the neighborhood I would also enjoy it as much as I could. Since I don’t have that ability I will live my life with the ones I got and live life to the fullest. Having said that I probably would live the same way I do now